Appraisers Solve Problems!

You have stuff. Some of it has been given to you by grandma or other family members. Some of it has simply accumulated through the years. Maybe it’s an entire collection of things. You like some of the stuff. Maybe you even like a lot of it. But some of the stuff fills you with inertia. Unfortunately, some of it is a downright annoyance.

You’re pretty sure there’s value in some of it, so there’s one looming question: What am I going to do with it?

Sure, you’ll find somewhere to put the stuff you really like, but is it stored correctly and adequately protected by insurance? You’re not absolutely sure? Well, don’t worry — that’s quite normal.

An appraiser can help you separate the ‘wheat from the chaff,’ and outline options before your next step, based on your unique situation. Whether your ultimate goal ends up being selling, scheduling insurance, making a charitable donation, or something else, your appraiser will be able to provide valuable information that will help you make an informed decision and protect yourself and your heirs from future unknowns – near or far.


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