“Pretty Sure I Have Enough Insurance”

“Pretty sure I have enough insurance” – a statement that invites heartbreak.

As the U.S. economy recovers, I’m hearing from more and more clients who have realized their home owner’s insurance would not adequately cover damage or loss of their items or collection.

Others are aware their things do or probably do have value but are seeking a professional evaluation to help determine the level of coverage needed.

Still, others have inherited things which carry assurances of value from the departed family member – but curiosity lingers alongside the awareness that these things should be insured.

A big part of my business is helping these three types of people. It is also highly rewarding for me personally.

Almost every time we find a hidden gem, or at least something truly surprising. It could be an item that carries some previously undiscovered historical component. Or it could be an item everyone assumed had little value but actually had significant value!

Let’s not take any chances. Give me a call and let’s discuss your situation and needs!

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