When Astrology is Put in Perspective…

It has always amazed me in this scientific age where we clearly know our place in our own galaxy – as well as our galaxy’s place in the staggeringly immense cosmos – that a pseudoscience like astrology still exists and has defenders.

The graphic above shows an artist’s conception of our spiral form Milky Way. The circle represents roughly the space in which are found the vast majority of stars and planets visible to a human being’s unaided eye and therefore upon which all astrology is based. While other objects in our galaxy outside this circle are visible – not to mention other galaxies, none were understood or considered in formative astrology.

Why is it none of the other stars in our galaxy, let alone those in the billions of other galaxies have ‘influence’ on human affairs? What about the myriad exoplanets that have been continually discovered and confirmed for the last 30 years?



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